Soliton sign root6 as first UK reseller

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Soliton sign root6 as first UK reseller

soliton imageSoliton Systems has appointed root6 as a reseller for its smart-telecaster Zao, a mobile HEVC transmitter for streaming live broadcasts direct from cameras over multiple traditional mobile 3G or 4G networks. Ideal for news and sports environments, Zao was the first global mobile H.265 hardware-based transmitter that can be mounted on the camera, or reside in a backpack.

“With its extremely efficient and innovative H265 encoding, coupled with its unique approach to bonding multiple 4G carriers, Zao has been winning new customers in a very short time,” says Mark Andrews, Sales Manager of Soliton Systems Europe. “We recently opened the office in Amsterdam and the units are being aggressively tested by a range of excited potential users. We look forward to working with root6 and acquainting its customers with our innovative HEVC H.265 mobile technology.”

Rupert Watson, the Sales Director at root6 adds “As a company we pride ourselves on providing high quality, cost-effective technology and services to our customers. In the mobile encoding market, we recognise that there are already many players operating – but for us, the Zao is a game-changer, especially for the live news and sports environments.”

Watson adds “As well as the Zao, we were also impressed with the Soliton vision. Though they have only just arrived in Europe with a totally innovative product, they have ambitious plans for the future and intend to take this market by storm.”

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