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Shape Avid’s future


When Avid set up the ACA (Avid Customer Association) there were, it is fair to say, a few cynics who thought it was just another bit of marketing puffery. Who knows; I may even have been tempted to look at it that way, right at the start.

However, once I was invited to be a part of the leadership council I realised what a serious and high minded organisation it really was…

One of the many things that convinced me was the notion of the membership being able to directly influence Avid product development in both the committees and as part of the wider membership. The idea being that Avid would spend its money in areas that the users and customers cared about.

To this end Avid have announced a massive online vote from which they will take their direction next year. The results are to be announced at NAB 2017’s ACA event, that takes place just before the show opens. You can sign up here if you are going to NAB 2017 and haven’t booked your flights yet

If you have any interest at all in the future direction of Avid and the tools they make, even if you are a cynical industry lifer, go over to and vote. What’s the harm ? There are write-in areas where you can let them know of ideas that are not on the list and if you have the same requirements as many other voters then your request will be incorporated in the next round.

The idea is to winnow the requests down; the most popular will be put to the vote in the next round and the least popular will be left out so don’t be put off by the wide-ranging lists in the first round. Stick with it and you will get to the good stuff as the choices are narrowed down.

The way it plays out is like this:

Round 1
 │ Dec 5, 2016 – Jan 27, 2017 (full candidate list, plus write-in opportunities)

Round 2 │ Feb 13, 2017 – Mar 3, 2017 (top results from Round 1, no write-ins)

Results │ April 22, 2017: Experience the results live at Avid Connect

If you are dubious about the likelihood of this resulting in ‘real’ action have a read of this blog about features in MC 8.7. In this day and age when Program Managers are busy and bosses are keen to see a return on their R&D monies invested in a product, it makes sense to poll the user base to find out what they value. So, if you are Avid’s user base, get over there and vote!

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