root6 Appointed Reseller for Barnfind Technologies

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root6 Appointed Reseller for Barnfind Technologies

Barnfind Logoroot6 has added Barnfind to its portfolio of products designed to provide more productive operation in file-based creative enterprises. A Norwegian company, Barnfind Technologies AS has developed BarnOne, a signal-neutral platform that offers many functions and supports numerous different signal formats in one frame. This unique approach saves customers valuable rack space, power consumption and money.

The flexible design enables a dramatic number of functions to be supported in the same chassis including signal processing, distribution, routing, protection, redundancy, add/drop, pass, IP to ASI and ASI to IP conversion, embedding, scaling, service adaptation and optical multiplexing.

Phil Crawley, Head of Systems Integration at root6, who recently visited Barnfind’s HQ in Sandefjord, enthuses, “From our point of view the real killer application is that Barnfind supports Course Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) – the ability to combine many signals onto a single fibre, bi-directionally.

“With the cost of dark-fibre falling all the time, the cost of extending video networks and fibre-channels (for storage) onto a single dark-fibre between, say, Pinewood and a Soho facility is at an all-time low. Why send people, equipment etc. to a studio shoot when you can easily have the studio as a fully provided outpost of your machine room in much the same way that your edit suites are? Every customer we have shown the system to has discovered applications we never anticipated – it solves the problem of encryption keys between digital cinema servers and projectors, for example.”

Commenting on the signing, Nilesh Mandalia, General Manager for Barnfind Technologies Ltd. said, “We are particularly pleased to appoint root6 with its experience in the broadcast and post markets. This has coincided neatly with the appointment of Anil Parmar as VP Sales UK & Ireland. The combination of the appointments bodes well for prospective clients looking to deploy Barnfind’s affordable innovations.”

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