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Platform1 2013 Seminar Recordings

Our 4th, Platform1 (this year focusing on “The Cloud”) was a great succes, but if you missed it, don’t worry – you can catch with all the seminars below:

Or view them individually:


John Harris from root6, introduces the main theme of Platform1 2013 – “The Cloud”.  In this and the following seminars, we take time to examine what this new buzzword actually means and understand its relevance to our working practices – looking at the many applications of The Cloud, from distribution, storage and archive through to remote rendering.

Adobe Anywhere

Maxim Jago presents Adobe Creative Cloud and demonstrates Adobe Anywhere, Adobe’s modern, collaborative workflow platform that empowers users of Adobe professional video solutions to work together, using centralised media across virtually any network.

Remoting Operations with KVM over IP

Phil Crawley from root6, examines remoting operations and demonstrates Amulet Hotkeys’ KVM over IP solution

Archive and Storage Management Part 1 – Introduction to LTFS

John Harris, from root6, looks at the risks of relying on disk based storage for archiving then explores LTO tapes, discusses the various file formats and the emergence of LFTS and determines where this tape fits best within our workflow.

Archive and Storage Management Part 2 – Tiered Storage and how best to deploy it

Nick Pearce, from Object Matrix, reviews tiered storage and the use of disc drive technology in an object storage group for both nearline and archive.

Archive and Storage Management Part 3 – Cloud Based Archive

Glyn Smith, from Front Porch Digital, provides an overview of their An overview cloud-based archiving option and discusses the cost structure.

Archive and Storage Management Part 4 – Avid Interplay Archiving

David Skeggs, from root6, presents a workflow review of archive management with Avid’s PAM incorporating NLTech and XenData archiving whilst maintaining the database structure.

The New DPP Standard for Broadcast Deliverables – Introduction

John Harris, from root6, introduces the seminar on AS 11 DPP, the new Broadcast file-based delivery standard.

The New DPP Standard for Broadcast Deliverables – Part 2 – Media Composer 7

Deepraj Sandhar, from Avid, presents an overview of the new features of MC 7 and its implementation for the creation of DPP compliant files.

The New DPP Standard for Broadcast Deliverables – Part 3 – VidChecker QC

Thomas Dove, from VidCheck, demonstrates file-based QC and applying the DPP template using VidChecker.

The New DPP Standard for Broadcast Deliverables – Part 4 – ContentAgent

ROOT6 Technology’s Owen Walker presents an overview of ContentAgent’s automation tools for DPP creation and QC including metadata insertion.

The New DPP Standard for Broadcast Deliverables – Part 5 – Aspera

Andrea Di Muzio, from Aspera, discusses delivering files and managing workflows in the cloud.

The Future of Broadcast Video – Part 1

DVS’ Oliver Gappa explores the future of Broadcast Video

The Future of Broadcast Video – Part 2 – Frame Rate Conversion

ROOT6 Technology’s Owen Walker demonstrates the advanced file-based standards conversion tools in ContentAgent

Production Asset Management – Part 1 – Focal Point Server

Bridget Cuttell, from iMedia, demonstrates how Focal Point Server can simplify production workflows and file management.

Production Asset Management – Part 2 – Introduction to Avid Interplay Central

Avid’s Deepraj Sandhar looks at Avid Interplay, including its cloud-based solution for logging (Interplay Central) and editing (Interplay Sphere.)

Production Asset Management – Part 3 – Interplay Central Demo

Graham McGuiness, from root6, demonstrates Avid Interplay Central

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