ObjectMatrix adds a view into your MatrixStore with Vision

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ObjectMatrix adds a view into your MatrixStore with Vision

ObjectMatrix has officially released Vision; a browser-based tool enabling you to search and share content stored within the MatrixStore.

Vision is a cross platform tool which now allows you to easily and quickly search, view and share your media assets along with additional asset management functionality such as upload or download of assets.

Tightly integrated with MatrixStore which allows any authorised user to examine and enhance metadata associated with stored assets, Vision enables metadata to be extracted from the assets themselves saving time and reducing the risk of errors. Errors within metadata are the most common reason for any AM system failing to provide the results the users need often in a hurry. A good example showing the power of Vision is in a video workflow. Vision is aware of AS11 metadata and can both extract that metadata as well as display it, giving uses more control on how they choose to search as you can pick any of those fields as required.












Another strength of Vision is the ability to create a low resolution proxy from the high resolution video assets stored in the MatrixStore.  Specific MatrixStore Vaults can be watched by the proxy creation service allowing a fully automated workflow for video assets which are in a common formats.

Full datasheet available here

Feel free to get in touch to discuss or arrange a demo of Vision & MatrixStore.


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