NLTek supports GoPro and Canon D series cameras

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NLTek supports GoPro and Canon D series cameras

Today NL Technology released new versions of the AutoIngest Direct (V3.5) and Media Transcoder (V1.7) products.  AI Direct and Media Transcoder can now ingest GoPro media and add support for Canon’s D-series DLSR cameras. These products are available for immediate download using your current support account. Users with current support agreements may simply login to AutoIngest Support and begin to download the new updates.  If you are yet to see the light with NLTek products please email and we will rush over and give you the love! 

For Interplay customers, AutoIngest has been tested with all Interplay versions up to and including V2.7, also Web services V2.6.2. Web Services V2.6.2 is backward compatible with all Interplay V2.x systems. AutoIngest has also been tested with the current Media Composer V6.5.2.1 and Newscutter    [As well as the last two major releases]

To install Autoingest first uninstall the current version of AutoIngest. Then run the AI installer, all the user settings will be preserved. If you are using the transcoder please do the same for it. Also beginning with version 1.7 the Media Transcoder maybe installed and used in demonstration mode (no usb dongle required), note that when using demonstration mode a video overlay will be cut into each frame of transcoded media.

To update Web services simply run the Interplay WS_Installer.

a reminder about NLTeks’s other new products

  • NLT has also introduced a new product called OPEN LTO Archive for Interplay. Just as the name implies content can be archived in nonAvid storage and quickly moved back to Interplay/ISIS for reuse. The clip metadata is continuously available in Interplay for searching. When needed the media is copied from Archive to ISIS and relinked to the clip for immediate use.   …are you upgrading to ISIS, keep your existing MediaNet storage and use it as a Nearchive solution, ask us how
  • NLT has announced a partnership with XenData and axle Video to build an archive bundle that allows the Nearchive software to utilize the XenData tape archive which supports 1000’s of Terabytes of data. Nearchive now supports the tape automation required to support very long term archives as well as using disk storage for nearline caching of data. The deep archive is further enhanced by exporting the Interplay clip metadata with an H.264 proxy to the axle Video browsing software. Using axle Videos browser and the HTML 5 video player the entire contents of the archive can be browsed from any Mac, PC, or iPad and video reviewed. Restores can be triggered from within Interplay or using the external axle browser. Using OPEN STANDARDS, NLT’s Nearchive, with XenData’s archive server and axles media management software – users now  have a powerful, affordable Open Interplay Archive solution.
  • NLT ‘s  Media Transcoder. This Transcoder works with AutoIngest Direct to conform incoming media for use by playout servers (DNxHD, AVCI or XDCAM50). It can also be used to automatically create Interplay’s H.264 Streaming Proxy media, by utlizing all the processor cores, Interplay proxy creation has significantly improved performance. All formats created are available using the Avid Dynamic relinking feature.
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