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NAB 2012- Day 1 overview

Well we finally finished our full day on the show floor. The overheated, frantic press release driven first day is behind us, and we can try and look back at the first days worth of highlights.

The Black Magic Stand seems to expand by a several square meters every year. This year their ‘surprise’ was their 2.5K cinema camera priced at just under $3000. The device shoots Cinema DNG RAW, DNX-HD and Pro Res, supports EF mounts, and has built in monitoring. With the market in so called ‘lower end stills’ (sub 5K dollars) cameras used for pro video production still growing at a spectacular rate, BMD saw opportunity in the market, and they may well be onto something; Given their experience in this field you can expect workflow advantages over other similarly priced devices possibly-
Further BMD have bundled DaVinci Resolve and Ultrascope as software packages to complete the offering.


Also new, were image processing devices shown on the stand as a result of the recent  BMD purchase of Teranex.


The Teranex up/down/cross converter boxes are pretty well respected in their price range and again plugged a gap that existed in BMD’s quest to democratise all aspects of video production.

Moving on down the hall, it was impossible to miss all the light and heat being created on the Adobe stand with their CS6 preview. Given the shock that FCP-X issued to the pro video community last summer, several vendors have sensed an opportunity to move into the space once comfortably straddled by FCP. Adobe, particularly the Premier team, are pushing this very hard. As a rule I try and keep off the big stands on the first day as they are typically overcrowded, overhyped and overdriven. Thus we will be bringing you some in depth looks on CS6 and the other hot news item at the show Smoke 2013 from Autodesk in a day or so when things have just calmed down a little. At first glance though, both look very very interesting.

The topic of 4K here at NAB this year is on every ones mind. Many modestly priced cameras are punting 4K acquisition and there is again a lot of talk about it. This is fraught with issues on may fronts. At the outset, the 4K standard itself remains somewhat undefined. Further, a simple reality is that very very few people shooting 4K (in whatever form) will ever see that image in a pixel for pixel representation on a 4K capable display. Finally most of this material (but for a small niche portion of this acquired content) is compressed.
So why are people excited by it?
Well an alignment of different technology factors has allowed users to acquire in 4K resolution at a very affordable price, but scale down to 2K or HD for final delivery. The efficiency of modern RAW codecs means that data rates are modest, quality is high and the smaller, scaled down image result is of superior quality. We will go and have a more in depth look at the cameras later today and offer some feedback on this for you.

As a wrap up item the standout of the show for me today was the autostereoscopic (glasses free) monitor and tablets and mobile showing on the Dolby stand.


The monitor and tablet display technology is a product of collaboration between Dolby and Phillips, and the results are stunning. Glasses free 3D is the way of the future, and this is the first time I have seen a offering that has great quality (and surprisingly) a very wide viewing angle relative to the display.
In brief, they have developed a lenticular film technology for the display and this is coupled with a proprietary Dolby processing technology which delivers depth accurate 3D video and also includes real time conversion for 2D to 3D in some applications.The results on the tablet and mobile devices was equally good also- We will do our best to get an interview and do a dedicated article on this…

Any feedback or questions, hit us up with comments on the blog.

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