KitPlus Show at MediaCityUK, 2016

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KitPlus Show at MediaCityUK, 2016


Come and meet us at the annual KitPlus event in MediaCityUK on November 8th. We’ll have a range of technologies on show designed to streamline operations from ingest to delivery along with HDR & UHD/4K monitoring, we’ll be on hand to discuss how we can help with systems integration, technical support and training.

The latest iteration of ContentAgent, our file-based workflow management and orchestration tool will be demonstrated with enhanced automated camera card ingest courtesy of CardAgent, an easy-to-use interface designed for non-technical operators providing seamless integration into Avid Media Composer for the creatives.

In addition to Avid Media Composer, as the leading European re-sellers for A id Interplay, talk to us about your media and production asset management requirements and we will happy share what we know and have learnt along the way.

For live streaming direct form a camera we will be showing Solitons Zao with its HDMI or SDi inputs converting this into a H265 steam, using bonded 3G or 4G mobile networks to provide a single pipeline onto the internet and back to a chosen location then finally being converted back into HD/SDI ready to be supplied to exiting infrastructure all with minimal latency.

Remote working has become key to many workflows and facilities over the last couple of years, let us share our expertise with key technology partners such as Amulet Hotkey – in our experience the superior KVM solution. This multi-platform keyboard, mouse, digital video and audio system allows multiple computers to be controlled from a single keyboard, mouse and monitor over a local or wide area network. Barnfind Technologies provide the missing transportation element of broadcast signals (HD/SDi, HMDI, AES, MADI, analogue video & audio) in conjunction with traditional data standards (ethernet, fibre Channel, CWDM fibre). With this partnership we can relocate your machine room without the creatives even knowing!



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