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Empress EMAM at IBC

eMAMEmpress could be found on the DDN stand this year showing off their intuitive and easy to use eMAM Digital Asset Management system. Empress original started life as a supplier of blank media to the US production and post production market. They quickly recognised that digital media was taking over from tape and that this media was being reused and the rushes generally passed to HHD and from there onto an edit. With digital media now not sitting on shelves, content tracking became a necessity and the eMAM digital asset management system became a reality.

eMAM itself is a very intuitive system, it has a widget based HTML 5 interface meaning you only see what you as a user wants to see and the interface is completely customisable. The system itself handles all aspects of assets management from ingest using eMAM’s own feeder application, creating proxy files using one of their many integration partners such as Telestream, Adobe Media encoder or Harmonic, it can also  be used for search functionality  and to archive.  eMAM has a host of collaboration tools in place, these let you share clips via social media, comment, tag, edit, review and approve and more from an internal or external location.  Every single function that you perform is tracked in the eMAM interface and it is incredibly easy to see at a glance where a file is located and what state it is in.

The entry level system is called Vault and is ideal as an archive assent management system although the interface looks identical to its larger scale brothers and sisters it lacks a few enterprise level options such as Adobe project management, organizational units for permission and client configuration, timeline creation and emailable links and social media integration. If you are looking for a system to manage Archive as well as being a collaborative hub then you need to be looking at either eMAM workgroup or for a very large system then eMAM Enterprise.

New features seen at IBC were the ability to trigger automated workflows based on actions or conditions. An expanded proxy player that incorporates Multilanguage subtitles as well as differing video playback quality. Nexidia integration to let you perform dialogue searches across captured content, the footage is analysed phonetically and this becomes searchable metadata. And expanded delivery to digital platforms including Netflix, Hulu Itunes and more.

For more information please visit our eMAM product page and  http://www.empressmam.com/Default.aspx

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