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AVID Pro Tools | S6 & IHSE Draco tera | S6

ihse_teraAvid and IHSE GmbH both showcased an Avid Pro Tools | S6 console integrated with a Draco tera compact | S6 KVM switch at IBC, this year.

Undoubtedly my favourite pick of this year’s exhibition, this impressive solution is a game changer for all the Pro Tools | S6 users allowing them to instantly access multiple Pro Tools workstations or any DAW from the central hub of the S6 console, the S6 Master Touch Module (MTM), with a single button press.

Avid selected IHSE’s Draco tera as their preferred KVM solution because of its ultra-fast switching, intelligent scalability, and simple user interface. In action, the performance of the KVM is so fast that the audio-mixing engineer cannot perceive that a switch has actually been made. Audio professionals can now focus on their jobs, rather than be distracted by the equipment or wait for a system reconfiguration to be carried out for them.

IHSE’s KVM solutions have been part of many Avid-based audio-mixing studios around the world for several years, including Wildfire Sonic Magic, Technicolor Sound, Deluxe, Todd Soundelux, and Electric Entertainment.  With over 1000 Pro Tools | S6 systems operating in leading studios and production facilities worldwide, and more than 35,000 users, Avid has created the industry’s most open architecture for third-party connectivity, enabling comprehensive solutions for content creation, management, and distribution.

The integration of IHSE’s API for network control of KVM switching further expands Avid’s partner ecosystem.

Main features

  • Direct access: Simple switching between Pro Tools and other work-stations
  • Signal quality: Latency- and artefact-free audio and video distribution
  • Ready for use: Configurable to every application
  • High performance: HD-SDI video switching capability
  • Flexible: Preset recall options for repeated setups
  • Modular: Simplifies equipment installation


The advantages extend beyond switching. Facilities can share valuable assets, manage and secure equipment and studios are freed from the noise and heat of local workstations. Rooms can be assigned to the job in hand and operators select the workstation they need, when they need it.

The Draco tera | S6 is part of the Draco tera KVM switch range extending from 8 to 576 ports. In broadcast studios, OB vans and post houses throughout the world, operators, engineers and producers use Draco tera switches to connect to vital broadcast equipment whenever they need to; without compromise. Draco tera connects and switches users to remote workstations instantly. With no transmission delay or picture degradation.

For more info, visit http://www.ihse.com/products/kvm-matrix-switches/draco-tera-s6.html

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