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Avid ISIS 1000 is GO !

There is much eager anticipation here at root6 Towers; tomorrow is when our first shipment of Avid ISIS 1000 arrives.

Such was our conviction that this was a winner for Avid customers, who wanted ISIS but did not have the budget for ISIS 5500 or 7500, that we placed our first order instantly while listening to the announcement at NAB.

Unusually for a storage or software product ISIS 1000 is shipping earlier than we were told to expect. It must be a good omen. So, from tomorrow we will able to provide demos in house – in the best equipped and most flexible demo room of any Avid reseller – or on site at your premises.

As we showed at the ISIS 1000 open day in July, ISIS 1000 is simple to set up on new client computers and has more than enough bandwidth – 300 MB/s – to provide collaborative storage for all your video and audio shared storage needs.

With 16TB of usable storage (20TB RAW) per chassis and the ability to stack up to four ISIS 1000s, you can get up to 1.4 GB/s and 64TB in one powerful package.

ISIS 1000


So, if you might be interested in storage that is designed to support shared playback of Adobe Premiere, Apple FCPX, BMD Resolve, GV EDIUS, Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools then now is the time to take a look at Avid ISIS 1000

If you currently use individual drives shared around manually, wouldn’t it be great to have a storage system that can be relied on to supply the same video and audio files to multiple clients using multiple streams? You can with Avid ISIS 1000

How much more efficient might you be if your editors and production assistants could access all your video and audio media simultaneously? That’s what you can do with Avid ISIS 1000

If you use individual drives I bet you are  spending dead time copying media between local storage, USB drives or network drives, aren’t you? Stop doing that and put all the media on an Avid ISIS 1000

With ISIS 1000 you can manage your storage to meet the changing capacity and bandwidth needs of projects; you add capacity and bandwidth as your business grows!


Avid ISIS 1000 can provide up to 1024 workspaces, dynamic capacity resizing and bandwidth allocation so you have all the flexibility you could desire. With up to 24 active (30 connected clients) you can allow producers and other non editing clients to connect and log material and view edits in progress.


If you want to add audio post into the mix then each Avid ISIS 1000 can handle 96 tracks of Pro Tools playback or 64 tracks of recording/playback.

If you would like a demo please email sales@root6.com and we will arrange one as soon as is convenient.


True to their word we have received the first ISIS 1000 in the world. It now has a nice little Dell 2024 switch to keep it company and a cosy little Peli case to travel in and is eager to go out and make friends in the world.

It’s now booked solid for the next few weeks but if you would like a visit from our ISIS 1000 we would be delighted to add your name to the growing list. Don’t miss out!

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