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XenData Archive Software

The Video Edition of XenData Archive Series software manages one or more automated data tape libraries to create a cost effective digital video archive that is optimized for the requirements of the broadcast industry. A field proven solution, used by more than 50 broadcasters worldwide.

The solution is high performance, writing and reading at many times real time, yet it is non-proprietary – presenting the digital archive as a standard Windows file system which allows it to be used by multiple applications. In addition, the video archive is highly scalable from terabytes to petabytes.


All XenData digital video archive solutions store video files to data tape such as LTO. A XenData system provides a standard file system interface for easy integration creating a universal digital archive that can be used by many automation, asset management system and post-production systems.

The XenData archive has a standard file system interface appearing as a single Windows logical drive letter. The solution is optimized for use with the standard Windows network protocol (CIFS/SMB) or FTP file transfers. This non-proprietary approach to the interface means that the archive can be used simultaneously by multiple applications including those running on Windows and Mac. Furthermore, it does not tie the user to any particular asset management or automation solution.

The software supports partial file restore for all file types. When partial files are requested, the tape is rapidly driven to the beginning of the required section and only the requested fragments of the file are retrieved. Hierarchical storage management (HSM) is provided, managing online, nearline and offline file storage.

XenData Software is designed to deliver high data transfer rates, offering exceptionally high performance, whether the files are big or small.


  • Standard File System – The entire archive appears as a standard Windows file system within a single logical drive letter. The solution uses the standard Windows offline file attribute to identify when a file is no longer online.
  • Multiple Tape Sets – the Administrator can group related files together on the same set of tapes.
  • Dynamic Expansion of Tape Sets – the system will dynamically expand tape sets to meet capacity demands.
  • Cartridge Spanning – the system supports storage of large files across multiple tape cartridges.
  • Offline Tape Cartridge Management – the system retains meta-data for off-line cartridges.
  • Security – XenData software is fully integrated with the Microsoft Windows security model, based on Active Directory.
  • Standard Tape Format – open standard TAR file format is used on the tape, allowing the tape cartridges to be read using standard third party utilities.
  • Automated Tape Cartridge Replication – Replication of tape cartridges is automatic and follows the policies defined by the Administrator.
  • Partial Read of Large Files – With very large files there is often a need to read only a portion of the file. For example, this frequently occurs with multi-gigabyte video files when a short clip is requested. XenData software supports partial reading of large files.
  • Highly Scalable – The Video Edition software supports a wide range of tape libraries with capacities up to multiple Petabytes. A second tape library can also be added to the system.
  • Email Alerts -Notification of hardware errors or archive system problems is provided by e-mail alerts and / or onscreen messages.
  • Rapid file system recovery, in case of disaster