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Qualstar Tape Libraries

Qualstar has been creating reliable, cost effective and easy to use automated tape libraries for over fifteen years. With low cost, high density Ultrium Linear Tape Open (LTO), tape libraries are clearly the most efficient and cost effective storage for backup, data protection and archiving.


RLS8350Offering superior performance and value, the RLS-8350 delivers 125 terabytes (native) on either LTO 5 (1.5TB) or LTO 6 (2.5TB) tapes.

Libraries can be partitioned, for more than one physical library.

Up to three drives can be installed in the base system with further expansion possible through additional modules:

Expansion Ready

Any RLS-8350 library can be expanded by adding an RLS-85120 module, tripling capacity and performance.

  • Up to 170 tapes yielding up over 1PB in just 16U
  • Stores over 32,000 hours of SD video
  • Up to 8 LTO 5 or LTO 6 SAS or FC drives
  • User-installable; self-calibrating
  • FastPass™ , simple, robust tape mover fits entirely within library
  • Auto-discovery and self-calibrating
  • No additional power or cooling needed


RLS8500Offering superior performance and value, RLS-8500 Series libraries deliver capacities up to 285 terabytes (native) in just 10U.  Multi-unit configurations can exceed 1.4 Petabytes in a single rack.

  • RLS-8560 libraries contain 54 data cartridge storage slots
    and a dedicated four-slot I/O port
  • RLS-85120 models house 114 data cartridge slots and can be
    configured with two I/O ports
  • Both models house up to five LTO 5 tape drives

Expansion Ready

Two, three or four RLS-8500 Series modules can be interconnected easily and economically

  • Up to 474 cartridges; over 2.9 petabytes in 40U using FastPass™ tape mover option
  • Store over 90,000 hours of SD video
  • Up to 20 LTO 5 or LTO 6 SAS or fibre channel tape drives
  • FastPass, simple, robust tape movers fit entirely within the library
  • User-installable; self-calibrating
  • No additional power or cooling is needed.
  • Optional storage matrix adds 60 slots to RLS-8560