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Oracle Front Porch Digital DIVASolutions

DIVA Archive manages tiered storage and LTO tape archive very effectively enabling users to partial restore to locate specific material quickly. Applications include Disaster Recovery.
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DIVASolutions bridge the gap between the proprietary applications in your process and data archives to create a cohesive content storage management solution that ensures smart storage and easy asset access.

Technology-agnostic, DIVASolutions enable you to control costs by integrating off-the-shelf hardware. When you want to enhance functionality or retrieve data, you simply call open APIs.


Front Porch Digital’s DIVASolutions are comprised of:

  • DIVArchive – Enterprise-class, secure data preservation and reliability is just the start. DIVArchive empowers you to realize maximum content monetization by streamlining media asset management and simultaneous multi-format distribution.
  • DIVAdirector – Your window into DIVArchive. DIVAdirector is an operator-friendly GUI to archives, assets and the applications you incorporate into your workflow from any desktop.
  • DIVApublish mpx – The online video player platform for the future of content monetization. DIVApublish mpx streamlines content distribution to myriad locations, in multiple formats, to every Internet-connected device while maximizing marketing results.
  • DIVA add-ons
    • DIVAnet – private wide area network (WAN) connectivity
    • DIVAreplicate – Redundancy file creation supporting business continuity and disaster recovery
    • DIVAgrid – Intelligent networking and load balancing – A low-cost storage infrastructure alternative through the addition of direct attached storage (DAS) to each DIVArchive Actor in the environment.
    • DIVArchive Integration: Avid – Extends workflow to the most popular non-linear editing and production finishing services