SRI International Sarnoff Video Test Pattern Suite

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SRI International Sarnoff Video Test Pattern Suite

In the digital era, traditional video test and measurement tools are becoming obsolete. SRI offers a suite of unique visual tools that enable users to stress, evaluate, and calibrate audio and visual equipment throughout the signal chain. Test pattern products include the award-winning Visualizer™ digital video test pattern, the ESP™ encoder stress pattern, and the TSG™ test sequence generator.



Visualizer Digital Video Test Pattern

The award-winning Visualizer Digital Video Test Pattern is an uncompressed video sequence that enables visual testing for processing errors throughout the entire digital video signal chain.


TG-100 Test Sequence Generator with A/V Test Patterns

This audiovisual test sequence generator combines acclaimed digital test patterns with uncompressed playback hardware. The product provides a comprehensive solution for testing and verifying the quality of digital video signal chains.


ESP Encoder Stress Pattern

SRI’s ESP is a sophisticated video clip consisting of specialized and complex artificial test patterns that stress various aspects of processing to quickly reveal television encoder deficiencies.


AudioRef Scientifically Calibrated Audio Clips

AudioRef is a package of scientifically calibrated audio reference clips that enable professionals to accurately set up and evaluate audio monitoring equipment.


3D Test Patterns

SRI’s suite of 3D test patterns is specifically designed to test 3D signal chains, workflows, and displays. These tools allow users to easily evaluate and calibrate 3D video equipment by revealing errors visually.