Venice is the baseband-to-data gateway. Designed primarily for live broadcast environments, VENICE handles multi-format transcoding across multiple channels at the point of ingest. VENICE is also deployed in tape libraries for converting large volumes of tape-based archive material.
Rupert Watson, root6

The Ingest and Production Server

Based on sophisticated DVS technology, VENICE easily meets the requirements of advanced broadcasting, providing fast and comfortable processing of various compressed formats. The DVS system is not only a network controllable server for ingest and play-out of content but also provides secure and fast, accessible RAID storage.


The Ingest and Production Server

VENICE is well-positioned as a future-ready Ingest and Production Server for highly optimized file-based TV production workflows. VENICE manages classic video server tasks such as HD-SDI ingest and studio playout combined with intelligent file-based features like file ingest, transcoding and media transfer operations.

The growing need for multiple video formats and codecs in a broadcast studio environment is easily handled with VENICE’s flexible multi-format video- and codec pipeline for each channel.

Thanks to its open platform and file system architecture, VENICE can seamlessly be integrated into any file-based broadcast production environment. VENICE offers continuous optimization of efficiency in your workflows – in a single system.

Solving the riddle: Traditional SDI and file-based broadcasting

Today’s broadcast stations are confronted with multiple ways of controlling and distributing their content. Migrating from SD to HD is an ongoing task also introducing new challenges to combine different formats like SD, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p in one production workflow. Moreover, multiple video codecs and formats are streaming into the studio environment.

VENICE as a Media Production Hub is the ideal solution to outperform in all these areas: It speeds up your workflow, grants flexibility, reduces error rates as well as training time and costs, and lowers the cost of ownership since more tasks can be handled on just one single system while minimizing the integration efforts.

Pick what you need: Studio program signals, live feed or tapes and generic video files or file transfer are captured in all typical broadcast codecs (XDCAM, AVC-Ultra codec group, DNxHD, Apple ProRes, etc.) directly without any transcoding in one single system. The material is available to all connected editing clients for immediate processing. Direct capturing in proprietary production storage is accelerated with the edit-while-ingest functionality.

VENICE adapts to changing workflow environments with ease – no matter which part of the TV production world you inhabit. VENICE is the perfect Media Production Hub in both the traditional SDI world and the innovative, file-based world.


Independent from file format, codec and video resolution

  • Native support of DNxHD, XDCAM, DVCPRO, AVC-Ultra and Apple ProRes
  • MXF OP-Atom, OP-1a, GXF and QuickTime files
  • High-quality ingest and playout up to 440 Mbit/s
  • Support of various uncompressed file formats such as DPX, TGA, TIFF and BMP sequences

Open system platform

  • Can be embedded in any production environment
  • Support of MOS, VDCP and SOAP-API (FIMS) for controlling via third-party applications
  • Accessible RAID-6 protected internal media storage
  • Can be connected to any kind of storage (connect to DVS-SAN or other SANs via Fibre Channel)

Integrated software features for streamlining workflows

  • Rundown lists, presets and scenarios for smooth operation
  • Process SD and HD data in parallel for simulcast operation
  • Hardware scaler for up- and down-conversion in real time
  • Full read-while-write capability for fast media turnaround
  • Proxy file generation in parallel
  • Batchlist recording and transcoding
  • Data interfaces for connecting P2 and XDCAM drives
  • Avid Workflow Option for fast file and signal ingest into Avid ISIS and Interplay production asset management (PAM)

Future proof Upgradable software and formats

  • Upgradable software and formats