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NLT AutoIngest

NLT’s AutoIngest is the first of its kind to provide high performance, hands-free ingest directly to Avid Interplay and ISIS

NL Technology provides SAT AutoIngest Direct, the best automated IT workflow solution for moving MXF media and metadata to Avid ISIS. Copy digital content from optical, flash or disc to Avid Interplay workgroups. Accelerate collaboration with worry free clip based management of associated media files, clip-based chunking, sequence creation and automatic archiving.

Compatible with XDCAM Optical, XDCAM-EX, P2, Canon XF, GFCAM, EditCam, GoPro, Canon D-Series, and other formats, AutoIngest will move, check-in and archive footage at the facility or in the field. Move media and metadata directly to the Avid ISIS storage area network and Avid Interplay.

  • Use SAT AutoIngest software, loaded on your own workstation, to connect with Avid Interplay
  • Seamlessly move clips into Avid storage and with SAT Nearchive keep a copy cached for later use
  • Transcode the original format to your house format and build Interplay Proxies (Media Transcoder)
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  • Creates fully compliant Avid MXF Media
  • Quickly rename and renumber Avid clips
  • Does not require an editor for ingesting
  • Supports automatic hands free operation
  • Preserves all enhanced camera metadata
  • High resolution head frame generation
  • Enables descriptive metadata insertion and modification
  • Automatically generates Avid sequences
  • Fully supports shot locators
  • Ingests proxy video with high resolution audio (XDCAM) with track limiting feature
  • Automatic audio conversion (16 ->24 bit)
  • Get a text message sent to you when ingest is done
  • Link to Media Transcoder for automatic Transcoding


  • Automatic operation
  • Simplifies the ingest process
  • Reduces production time
  • Frees up editing resources
  • Keeps field crews in the field
  • Reduces HD ingest bottlenecks
  • Provides meaningful metadata and clip names for faster collaboration
  • Use existing metadata to automatically rename clips
  • Use Media Transcoder to build Interplay Proxies or other house formats automatically during ingest
  • Backup your clips automatically
  • Support for Avid’s Batch Import process
  • Ingest SONY proxy with uncompressed audio for Reality TV Shows
  • Support Multiple Interplay systems
  • Audio track reduction during ingest
  • Use source or custom timecode for sequence creation
  • Use email notification when jobs are complete