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PictureReady! is the latest revolution from Gallery, offering the ability to record picture into a QuickTime movie, but with that Movie available immediately for editorial as soon as recording BEGINS. Additional picture becomes available to editors in the background automatically as the recording progresses. Applications include Sports/OB recording, News, Telecine, AudioPost and much more.

‘PictureReady! unlocks the true potential of QuickTime as a real time architecture for Sports, news and other live action, by enabling real time replay and editing of content as it is recorded. PictureReady! forms the record channel of your modular video server, whilst FinalCut Pro is your editorial station, and VirtualVTR is the on-air Playback channel. You can freely add as many record, edit and playback channels as you like, provided you have sufficient bandwidth available

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Sports & News

  • Capture live picture and audio LTC into time stamped native Quicktime movies.
  • Movies are available for instant playback or editorial whilst still being recorded, feeding slo-mo replay via network or fibre.
  • The perfect architecture for building web or 3GPP (picture phone) delivery systems for sports highlights
  • ActionHiliter™ XML technology, allows instant marking of ‘action’ events, as they happen, interactively feeding Final Cut Pro
    editorial in real time.
  • Modular architecture supports multiple record,
    playback and Final Cut Pro editorial channels.

Audio Post:

  • Records time stamped QuickTime movies, with instant availability of picture to networked clients.
  • 9-pin machine control for programmed ingest from videotape, or from realtime output of picture editorial system.
  • Movies are available for immediate playback whilst still being recorded, feeding Gallery’s VirtualVTR, Digidesign Pro Tools and other QuickTime compatible systems.
  • Central capture server can feed multiple edit systems via network or fibre for distributed picture.

Longform Production

  • Saves hours of transfer time between Picture Editorial and Audio Post
  • Eliminates tape transfers using realtime technology without rendering video effects to disk.
  • Saves 2 HOURS of transfer time per hour of material, allowing audio post to immediately start working against new cut, whilst it is printed from picture editorial system.
  • Start editing in FinalCut whilst the same material loads in from tape.