Major film studios, post-production companies, visual effects houses, sports and news broadcasters rely on Aspera software to reduce their production cycles while securely delivering high-resolution media worldwide, with the utmost quality of service, to ultimately provide consumers with their best content, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Aspera’s fasp transfer technology is an innovative software that eliminates the fundamental bottlenecks of conventional file transfer technologies such as FTP, HTTP, and Windows CIFS, and dramatically speeds transfers over public and private IP networks – achieving perfect throughput efficiency, independent of the latency of the path. Unlike TCP throughput, fasp throughput is perfectly independent of network delay and robust to extreme packet loss.


  • Achieve global transfer of full resolution masters, digital reels of film, and high-definition Blu-Ray Disc images in hours, or even minutes on high capacity networks.
  • Avoid customs and the notorious errors and time-consuming manual processing of shipping drives and tapes.
  • Use your existing IP network. No transfer fees from expensive dedicated networks or managed file delivery services.
  • Enjoy bulletproof protection of master content including transport encryption, data integrity, content storage, and user access control.
  • Seamlessly automate and integrate transfers with any digital asset management or business workflow system through industry-leading APIs and management tools.
  • Avoid the cost and complexity of replicating asset stores in multiple regions for better performance by relying on Aspera’s distance neutral transfer speed.
  • Receive breaking news and live event content reliably, on-time from even the most remote field locations.



Hundreds of post production companies like Weta Digital and productions such as James Cameron’s blockbuster, Avatar, rely on Aspera software for their file transfer workflows – moving core digital assets internationally between production facilities, post houses and visual effects partners.


Award-winning visual effects and digital animation studio Sony Imageworks uses Aspera software alongside high-performance NetApp storage to synchronize large media libraries at over 500 Mbps between Los Angeles and Albuquerque, realizing tremendous cost savings and boosting productivity by allowing remote artists to work faster than ever before.


With collaborative file transfer solutions such as the Aspera faspex™ Server, and industry-favorite tools that integrate fasp™ transport like Rising Sun Research’s cineSync Pro, new Aspera-powered remote review and approval workflows are allowing creative teams spread across the globe to collaborate in real time.


Leading vendors such as North Plains, OpenText and Vfinity now offer high-speed ingest and distribution of large media files, powered by Aspera technology. In-house systems for film, TV, music and marketing assets also rely on Aspera to provide maximum efficiency and reliability without the expense and complexity of replicating asset stores in multiple regions or investment in content delivery networks.


Top media services companies including Ascent Media, EFILM, Red Bee Media and Technicolor, rely on Aspera software to power online media gateways, designed for exchanging content with clients and transferring media throughout their global production networks. London-based content services provider to the broadcast industry,, launched an online portal powered by Aspera to handle high-speed, secure and reliable ad-hoc file delivery for its clients.


News organizations depend upon down-to-wire exchange of graphics, video and re-purposed assets among nationally and even globally distributed bureaus. Uniquely able to transfer those assets in the tight windows required, Aspera software has been selected by the largest multinational broadcast news company to enable its enterprise media platform.


News and sports broadcasters ranging from independent regional operators to network powerhouses rely on Aspera software to transfer file-based news content from the field – including some of the most remote regions of the world — and reporting tremendous performance gains over FTP. Aspera transfer efficiency holds over satellite and wireless networks plagued with high packet loss rates and large round-trip delays.


In no area more than live sports is high definition quality so prized. HD production, the tremendous efficiency of file-based workflows, and the convergence of online and traditional broadcast have led league networks such as the NBA and Turner Sports, and one major US-based sports broadcaster to invest in high bandwidth networks, and fully optimize their transfer capacity with Aspera’s high-performance file transport.


The advent of digital media has led major Hollywood film studios and their IT partners to design fully-integrated systems for the creation, distribution, re-purposing, and archiving of the media enterprise’s assets. Accenture, IBM and Microsoft fully integrate Aspera software as a high-speed transport core in their service-oriented platforms designed to support the secure and efficient creation, distribution and monetization of media content.