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LightSpace CMS is the de-facto standard for advanced colour management within the global film, TV, and post-production industries where colour control is not just critical, but requires facility-wide management from a simple to use system that is display format and workflow agnostic. LightSpace CMS is the only colour management system to meet all these criteria, providing fully integrated facility-wide colour management for on-set, post-production, and broadcast workflows. Uniquely, a single LightSpace CMS license can provide total facility-wide calibration capabilities, without the need for multiple systems or a 'floating' license.

LightSpace XPT is the 'Expert' version of LightSpace CMS, and combines all versions and capabilities into the single most capable calibration software system available, including the export of LUTs for use with SpaceMan ICC and SpaceMatch DCM.


lightspace_kleinProfiling is the measurement of any display’s actual underlying capabilities, and from this profile data accurate calibration LUTs can be generated. This means that accurate profiling is key to the level of final calibration accuracy, and the correct profiling needs to be performed based on the needs of any given display.

It also means that profiling should be performed as a totally separate function from calibration, not merged together as can be the case with some inferior calibration systems.

LightSpace CMS has the most advanced profiling capability of any calibration system available, guaranteeing the best possible end results.


21_accuracyLightSpace CMS has unmatched accuracy through the the use of the largest patch sequence of any calibration system available.

The left-hand side of the cube shows the standard maximum of 17^3 profiling, while the right-hand side shows LightSpace 21^3 profiling, with greatly increased patch density, which translates directly into high calibration accuracy.

Uniquely, LightSpace can work with User Generated patch sequences, further enhancing the potential for calibration accuracy.


verificationDisplay verification encapsulates a range of visual tools that provide immediate feedback about display performance, including real-time measurement feedback, multiple profiling functions with various chart and graph reports, as well as 3D cube views of any necessary display adjustments for accurate calibration.


cubeOnce available, any display profile can be used to generate a calibration LUT matched to any given colour space target, such as Rec709, BT1886, P3, DCI XYZ, etc., or to emulate a given film stock such as from Kodak or Fuji, or match one display directly to another display.

LUT Manipulation

lut_managementLightSpace is far more than a simple display calibration system, and provides advanced creative tools that enable LUTs to be mathematically and creatively altered as required. Such LUT manipulations can be used for on-set monitoring during filming, as well as adjusting calibration LUTs to compensate for specific display and probe related issues.

The range of tools provide for creative changes using Printer Lights, Lift, Gamma, Gain, HSL, as well as technical tools, including LUT Addition, Subtraction, Inversion, Range Scale, Append, Prepend, and more.

The LUT Image function of LightSpace CMS add further creative LUT manipulation capabilities utilising any graphics program


acesACES capability within LightSpace enables the conversion of .ctl files (IDT/ODT/RRT, etc) into LUTs, as well as the conversion of LUTs into .ctl files (IDT/ODT/RRT, etc). When combined with MatchLight IMS this enables the automatic generation of user defined camera IDT files.

ASC CDL capabilities provide a range of controls to generate and manipulate LUTs using standard CDL tools, including Slope, Offset, Power & Saturation, as well as importing CDL file for export as LUT, and the conversion of LUTs into CDL files.

ARRI Look tools enable ARRI Looks to be imported and converted into LUTs, as well as the far more complicated process of taking an existing LUT and exporting it as an ARRI Look file.


compatibilityLightSpace CMS is compatible with more probes, displays, LUT boxes, and DI systems than any other calibration or LUT management system.

LightSpace CMS totally agnostic, and works with all known LUT formats from all DI, graphics and grading systems from all manufacturers.


dolby_profilingLightSpace XPT is compatible with the following probes:

  • Klein K10 & K10-A
  • i1 Display 1, 2 and LT
  • Spyder4
  • Eizo Internal Probe
  • i1 Display Pro OEM
  • i1 Pro, & i1 Pro 2
  • Discus
  • Hubble & Sencore OTC1000
  • Jeti 1211 & 1201
  • CR-100 & CR-250
  • Minolta CS-200
  • Minolta CA-210 & 310
  • PR-655 & 670


lightspace_bmlLightSpace XPT is compatible with everything LUT capable…

AJA LUT Box • Apple Color • Assimilate Scratch • Autodesk Lustre, Flame and Smoke • Black Magic Design Resolve • Nucoda Film Master and Fuse • FilmLight BaseLight • Pandora Revolution • Quantel iQ, eQ & Pablo • SGO Mistika • Eyeon Fusion • Adobe PhotoShop, After Effects, SpeedGrade, Premier • The Foundry Nuke • Tcube • Cine-tal Davio • And many, many more…

And can work directly with the following systems, LUT boxes, and displays:

  • Lumagen – For patch generation and LUT upload
  • Accupel – For patch generation
  • DVDO AVLab TPG – For patch generation
  • madVR – For patch generation and LUT upload
  • eeColor – LUT compatible
  • AJA LUT Box – LUT compatible
  • IS-mini – For patch generation and LUT upload
  • BMD Resolve – Patch Generation & LUT Compatible
  • SGO Mistika – Patch Generation & LUT Compatible
  • Assimilate Scratch – Patch Generation & LUT Compatible
  • Eizo – For patch generation and LUT upload
  • NEC – For LUT upload
  • Dolby – For patch generation and LUT upload
  • BON – For patch generation and LUT upload


lut_managementLightSpace XPT has all available features:

  • LUT Image, LUT Ripping
  • LUT Conversion
  • LUT Import – All Formats
  • LUT Export – All Formats
  • LUT Preview – On Any User Image
  • Colour Spaces – All Standards, plus User Defined
  • Gamma – All Standards, plus Parametric
  • Save Profile Data – plus Import & Export
  • Calibration Interface – All Probes
  • Quick Profiling – All Formats
  • Cube Profiling – All Formats
  • Network Profiling – Java App
  • LUT Manipulation – All Features
  • LUT Burn-in & Batch Processing

Calibration Reports can be generated