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Media Asset management is an essential part of television production. With tape no longer being the industry standard of acquisition it is easy to misplace of even loose footage that has been shot. We no longer have the luxury of going to the library and finding a physical tape and this is why products like CatDV have become so valuable.

CatDV is an easy to use, editor agnostic platform capable of scaling from a single user license model to a multi user enterprise product that can be used in and outside your facility or production base. CatDV has a quick and easy to use interface that combines advance search functions, Metadata tagging and manipulation within customer customizable project panels, sequence and locator integration with both Avid Media Composer FCP and Adobe, as well and a web interface that can be used for review and approval as well as on set logging. CatDV will also automate ingest and check in of new assets using the CatDV Worker node.

New options and features see added integration for XenData archive and a dedicated Adobe Premier Panel.


Despite its name (and the ubiquitousness of the DV format), CatDV is designed for all kinds of digital video and media files, not just DV but also including MPEG-2, MXF, MPEG-4, HDV, Uncompressed, WMV, OMFI, JPEG, WAV, and much more.

Import any kind of media file into CatDV to catalogue and build up a searchable database of all your clips. CatDV will intelligently harvest metadata in the file (such as the video format, audio sample rate, or copyright annotations) and store that in its database, together with thumbnail images and any log notes or other annotations that you enter.

Couple this rich set of metadata with the low-resolution proxies that CatDV automatically creates and powerful and easy to use searching functions, and retrieving those key shots you know you have somewhere becomes easy at last. You can be sure it’s the shot you want, even if the original media file is offline on a removable drive or archived to tape.

CatDV is flexible about what constitutes an asset. It works just as happily down to the level of individual scenes and shots on a tape or at the file level, and with stills and audio clips or other supporting files as well as video media.