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Imagen Enterprise Video Platform

An elegant web player for monetising content, Imagen is agnostic in terms of the MAM it sits on.
David Skeggs, root6

Imagen is a media asset management and publishing system which provides an effective way to manage all of your media assets from accession and ingest all the way through to browse, retrieval, output and distribution.

Imagen has been developed to manage very large collections of media files for libraries and museums, commercial clip libraries, photo, sound and film collections.

Imagen is comprehensive, flexible and has been designed to integrate with standard third party databases such as MySQL, SQLServer and Oracle.


End-To-End Media Asset Management

workflowsImagen doesn’t just host your video – it offers powerful ingest, cataloguing and storage management tools to ensure that your precious assets are archived and maintained using best practice MAM principles.

Imagen’s workflow tools make file ingest and management easy – create as many workflows as you need with the drag-and-drop Workflow Editor to suit your operational requirements.

At the heart of the system, Imagen’s powerful transcoder engine converts your high-resolution masters to a wide range of A/V codecs and container formats for delivery across multiple devices.

Imagen connects to a variety of storage platforms to give you incredible scalability and flexibility – from a few TBs on local drives to enterprise HSM and tape systems. Imagen even connects ‘out of the box’ to Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure storage platforms.


A Secure Video Solution

secureWhen open video hosting solutions just don’t give you the security you need, Imagen gives you full control over who can see your media and what they can do with it.

Granular user management controls let you set permission levels so that individual users or groups can access content according to their remit.

Permissions also extend to functionality – extra features can be enabled according to rank or status.

Imagen’s flexible user management lets you decide who can upload media, edit metadata, share video, create comments download video content and much more.


A Great Looking Website with Full CMS

brandThe crowning glory of Imagen is its web interface which allows businesses and organizations to have complete control over the way their content is displayed in their own branded website.

Your end users will experience a cutting-edge range of features for searching, playing back video, clipping, collecting, and downloading media.

Administrators can upload media, edit metadata, and make changes to website content through ImagenWeb’s CMS (Content Management System).

Imagen is a tool of mass communication, and offers many features commonly associated with social media including comments, onscreen tagging, embedding, and sharing via third-party channels.