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A software layer that sits on top of your existing storage for project sharing, Strawberry keeps everything tidy without needing to resort to shared storage in Avid and Adobe environments.
David Skeggs, root6

Strawberry is an award-winning software that combines state of the art project sharing and project management for a wide range of editing applications and projects. The philosophy behind Strawberry is that editors should spend less time searching for content while having more time focussing on the story at hand and being creative. Strawberry literally is a workflow tool that helps you to create, share and organize content with an entirely new approach.



Create Your Workflow

Strawberry helps you to create the workflow that’s most efficient for your facility by providing you with tools to standardize and maintain projects across the entire production cycle.

Standardise Productions
Create Custom Templates for Editing Projects and Productions. Define Productions Statuses – and make sure Editors use them!

Regain Storage Control
Strawberry organizes Project and Media Files on the Storage – Lucidly and Automatically

Define Access Rights
With Strawberry’s integrated User & Team Management Functions

Preview and Review
with a Build-In High-End Proxy Generator

Send it Off The Shelf
Smart Archive Functionalities for Editing Projects and Media Files

Find What’s Relevant

With Strawberry, Creatives are no longer forced to manually find their ways through endless storage folder structures. It provides fast & intuitive tools to find content easily.

Keep It Simple
Clean & Responsive HTML5 Interface Designed for Creatives

Just Find Things
Instant Search Function for Projects, Assets & their Related Metadata
Search both production and Archive storage for online and archived projects

May We Assist You?
Automatic Metadata Extractors for Adobe Premiere and Avid MC Projects help Editors to Find Content within Project Files
Extraction of Technical Asset Metadata
Adobe Panel Integration provides Access to Content from within Premiere, saving Editors time

Share Projects & Assets

Strawberry provides fast and secure project sharing optimized for Avid, Adobe & Final Cut editing projects. It allows multiple editors to access the same project & media files simultaneousely on one or multiple storage tiers.

Project Sharing Done Right
Project & Asset Sharing for Medial Composer, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut and more
Collaborative Editing

You Don’t Need That Twice
Avoid Duplicated Media Content and Maximize Storage Usage by up to 40%

Your Storage – Your Choice
Storage and Network Type Independent Architecture

Enhance Your Business

Refresh your Investment! Strawberry can easily be integrated into new and existing hardware infrastructures or helps migratiting to new ones.

Save Money
… by accelerating your editors workflow by 15 %
… by Repurposing Your Existing Storage for Production or Archive

Save Time
… by Reducing Complexity & Human Errors by up to 80%
Reduce File and Folder Management Time by up to 95%

Save Nerves
Reduce Work Time Loss
Increase Overall Production Efficiency

Stay Open
Strawberry is entirely based on open (non-proprietary) software and offers a REST API for Third-Party Software Integrations

How Strawberry Works