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DataFrameworks ClarityNow!

ClarityNow! is the best way to visualize and understand what data is on your systems. The product is designed to provide immediate benefits within hours of installation. ClarityNow! keeps track of what is on the system and who is responsible for it. Moving forward, it identifies what your business cares about, unplanned growth. Intelligently skipping past anything that should be there (even if it is growing). ClarityNow! zeros in on what should not be there. Drill-down reports allow rapid monitoring of the storage from a business perspective.

ClarityNow! provides the visibility to enable informed business decisions. Control your storage, don’t let it control you!


  • Ability to apply business oriented tags, reminders, and budgets
  • Instant drill down and roll up of file system information
  • High speed file system scanning with highly optimized re-scanning
  • Supports multi user environment via client server model to provide access to information from desired location
  • Purpose built, in memory database able to support scan speeds and provide instant answers


  • Avoid storage buys. ClarityNow! addresses the two primary causes of out-of-policy storage: difficulty evaluating content, and difficulty tracking content
  • Free up wasted time using inefficient data management tools
  • Visibility into current projects, allowing better management of personnel and customers
  • Alerts on problems and delays eliminating wasted time hunting down problems
  • Allows secure project and file system viewing without access to data