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Comprehensive media asset management to organize media, make it broadly accessible, unify and coordinate every aspect of production, and link with business systems.

Find assets fast, streamline your media operations, and enable new revenue opportunities with Interplay | MAM, a powerful, highly scalable, and fully customizable media asset manager. Trusted by top broadcast, news, and post-production facilities, Interplay | MAM manages the entire lifecycle of your finished content, making it easy to browse and retrieve media across multiple tiers of storage for reuse or repurposing. And with its service-oriented architecture, it easily integrates into your existing infrastructure, no matter who manufactured the systems you currently have.

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Key Benefits

Access assets anytime, anywhere

Interplay | MAM makes it easy to search for and find the assets you need fast. And now that it’s fully integrated on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, you can use MediaCentral | UX in conjunction with Media | Index and make all production and archived assets—stored across multiple local and remote systems—accessible to every in-house and remote contributor through a single, common, web-based interface.

Consolidate and truly manage your media

Interplay | MAM is fully modular, enabling you to customize the system to meet your specific needs, whether you’re a global broadcaster, news organization, post-production facility, government agency, or educational institution—large or small. Automate and manage media ingest, file import, transcoding, quality control, and other complex processes through the powerful workflow and process engines, providing operational efficiency and consistency. And get customizable metadata flexibility to ensure that each database is optimized for ideal use.

Save time and money

Eliminate the expense of juggling multiple systems and hiring teams to ingest and transcode media. With Interplay | MAM, you get a single, centralized system for storing and managing media, plus the ability to automate and manage complex media tasks, so you and your teams gain more time to spend on creative activities. And it easily integrates into any existing infrastructure, whether you’re using Avid or third-party solutions—or a combination of both. Plus, you can use your existing MediaCentral | UX client licenses with the system.

Gain business intelligence and new revenue opportunities

With Interplay | MAM, you have a host of monitoring, analytics, and reporting capabilities at your fingertips, giving you considerable insight into your media operations and workflows, so you can make more informed decisions about resources, services, and improving your business. What’s more, new revenue streams can be realized quickly, as the system makes it easy to find and determine which valuable assets to reuse or repurpose.

Key Features

Interplay | MAM is now fully integrated on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, including tight integration with Interplay | Production, enabling you to greatly boost your operational efficiency and expand collaboration beyond the walls of your facility.

  • Enable local and remote contributors to access assets and projects anywhere and collaborate in real time
  • Accomplish a range of tasks using a variety of role-based toolsets, all housed in the single, unified MediaCentral | UX interface
  • Perform complex, multi-stage tasks with drag-and-drop ease
  • Streamline IT requirements through the use of a common, centralized interface, making upgrading and maintenance easy
  • Get greater visibility into your entire media archive, no matter where the assets are stored
  • Extend Interplay | Production and iNEWS interoperability to encompass your entire media operation and into more revenue-generating opportunities
  • Browse, search for, and locate assets across multiple local and remote Interplay | MAM, Interplay | Production, and iNEWS databases—no matter where the media is stored—by adding Media | Index to your workflow