Spectra Logic T50e

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Spectra Logic T50e

By combining field-proven reliability with cutting-edge storage innovation, the Spectra T50e gives you enterprise capabilities in a compact, 4U rackmount or desktop library. Built upon five generations of Spectra Logic hardware knowledge and 12 generations of BlueScale® software, the Spectra T50e is simply the most reliable and feature-rich solution available in the small library market today.

The T50e offers you advanced LTO technology, powerful library management, increased security through our integrated BlueScale Encryption, plus a range of support options to suit your needs. With more innovative features than any other library in its class, the T50e easily stands out in front.


Installs in under 30 Minutes

From removing the unit from the packaging to configuration, it takes less than half an hour to install and set up the Spectra T50e LTO library. The small-form 4U library can be rack-mounted or used on a tabletop. AutoInstall loads all software options keys and the current firmware version automatically. The T50e provides a choice of connectivity options—either direct-connect Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Fibre Channel; and is compatible with all major backup packages and operating systems.

The Best Library Interface

Available through the library’s on-board LCD colour touchscreen and remote web access, BlueScale is a easy-to-navigate, browser-based library interface built into Spectra Logic libraries that enables them to work simply, flexibly, and safely with your data. For over 14 years, BlueScale has been continuously updated and enhanced with features ranging from self-monitoring to encryption to media management—supplying a tightly integrated structure that supports new technologies and requirements to better safeguard your data.

The Best Encryption Solution Available

The Spectra T50e is the only library in its class that offers a truly integrated encryption option for data backed up to tape. BlueScale introduces encryption and key management seamlessly into your backup strategy in just a few steps, all with no external hardware or software required. With AES-256 bit BlueScale Encryption Key Management built into the T50e, encrypting backed up data is secure, efficient, easy to manage—and free.

The Library that can Take Care of Itself

Eliminate downtime by preventing unexpected failures with the T50e’s AutoSupport feature. The T50e self-monitors its drives, power supplies, controller and robotics, alerting you when they need attention. It also “phones home” by emailing a notification to SpectraGuard Support and opening a ticket automatically. You can be on the way to resolution—without making a phone call. When you’re ready to call SpectraGuard, your agent has the trace logs, status information and library configuration details to help you quickly resolve the issue before it can have an operational impact.

The Best Media and Media Management

To ensure the viability of your data, Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) tracks and reports on health and security related statistics for Spectra Certified Media. Detailed reporting mitigates media problems and restore issues, allowing you to proactively remaster data onto new media before you need it. For further integrity, MLM PreScan tape verification ensures that newly imported tapes are in good health and ready to use.