Get Real-Time Access, Instantly. StorNext data management solutions help the media and entertainment industries keep up with tight deadlines.
Managing and sharing content can be a challenge—especially for media and entertainment industries. With the need to access video footage, audio files, high-resolution images, and other content, you require a reliable and effective data sharing and archiving solution to meet your increasingly tight deadlines.


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Switch to a Quantum Scalar Tape Library

Replace your old, non-Quantum brand library with a new Quantum Scalar® i6000 or Scalar i6 library and you’ll get the library and installation free

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FlexTier Cloud Data Management Promotion: “Be Free Anywhere”

New FlexTier Promotion “Be Free Anywhere” offers 20TB Free Cloud Data Management with FlexTier license purchase.

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Buy LTO-7 Drives and We Buy the Media!

20 free pieces of LTO media for every LTO-7 drive purchased for a Scalar i6/i500/i6000 library

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