Get Real-Time Access, Instantly. StorNext data management solutions help the media and entertainment industries keep up with tight deadlines.
Managing and sharing content can be a challenge—especially for media and entertainment industries. With the need to access video footage, audio files, high-resolution images, and other content, you require a reliable and effective data sharing and archiving solution to meet your increasingly tight deadlines.


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Xcellis Workflow Storage

Accelerate. Scale. Empower.

Xcellis Workflow Storage is high-performance shared storage for collaborative workflows―powered by StorNext, the industry’s fastest streaming file system. Engineered to tackle the world’s most demanding data-intensive workloads.

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What is Xcellis Workflow Storage?

Xcellis workflow storage enables high-speed shared access to your critical data. Powered by StorNext advanced data management software, it includes an Xcellis Workflow Director for system management and client connectivity, and RAID storage for data. This combination of software, compute, and storage is engineered to solve the world’s biggest storage challenges―and enables you to focus on your workflows rather than the storage. So you can do what you do best.

High-performance access to data is no longer a "nice-to-have."

In order to stay competitive and meet demanding schedules, high-performance workflow storage is a key requirement. Xcellis workflow storage, powered by StorNext is screaming fast. Bandwidth scales as needed by adding storage arrays. Regardless of the amount of data, the size of the files, or the number of collaborators, there’s a configuration of Xcellis that will keep everyone productive.

Data growth continues to accelerate.

Explosive growth in file sizes and quantities is now the norm. Organizations need storage that scales easily and continuously, without costly forklift upgrades. Xcellis can be sized to precisely fit current requirements and scaled to meet future demands simply by adding storage arrays. Capacity and performance can grow independently, and no additional accelerators or controllers are needed to reach petabyte scale.

Xcellis workflow storage fits your workflow―without compromise.

Xcellis workflow storage enables virtually limitless range of configurations and options. It combines support for up to 64 individually configurable volumes, multiple disk performance profiles, and unified access via all high-performance network protocols.

Productivity requirements are higher than ever.

And demanding workflows have spawned an increased need for collaboration and expanded, sometimes geographically dispersed team members. By combining Xcellis direct SAN access via fibre channel, with DLC and NAS connectivity over Ethernet, Xcellis provides the best of performance and accessibility, extending collaboration to the broadest range of users.

The “brains” of a StorNext environment.

Factory-installed with StorNext advanced data management software and preconfigured with metadata storage, Xcellis Workflow Directors are purpose-built to enable high-speed ingest and shared access, at scale, with reliability you can trust.

Configuration OptionsAvailable with combined metadata and user storage or dedicated metadata storage
Storage SupportSupports Quantum QXS storage for combined metadata and data options; Quantum or 3rd party storage with dedicated metadata models
Workflow Director NodesDual rack servers | Redundant power supplies |
Workflow Director StorageQuantum QXS-4

Dual redundant high-performance controllers

Quad 16Gb Fibre Channel per controller (eight ports total)

Available in 2U12, 2U24, and 4U56 options
Connectivity OptionsFibre Channel: Quad 16Gb Optical, Dual 16Gb Optical, or Quad 8Gb Optical

Onboard Ethernet: Quad 1Gb for service, management, and metadata networks

Optional Ethernet: Up to two additional NICs for StorNext LAN, NAS, public cloud, and Lattus™ or other object storage connections
Choose from quad 1GbE, dual 10GbE, or dual 40GbE 10GbE and 40GbE in Optical or Twinax

Optional InfiniBand: Up to two additional NICs for dual QSFP FDR InfiniBand connectivity

Client Protocol Support: StorNext SAN, StorNext LAN, SMB 1 (CIFS), SMB 2, SMB 3, NFS v3, Active Directory, OpenLDAP, RESTful API

Client Support: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, AIX (see compatibility document for details)

Optimized for the speed, scale, and sharing required by complex workflows.

StorNext QXS Series storage is offered in several different chassis and drive sizes, providing a range of capacities, densities, and performance for different workflows.

 QXS-1200StorNext QXS-412QXS-2400StorNext QXS-424QXS-456StorNext QXS-456StorNext QD7000StorNext QD7000
Maximum Raw
Drives per
Max Chassis
per array
Base System
Form Factor

StorNext Gateway Appliances provide scalable access to LAN clients over IP.

Using our optimized StorNext DLC protocol, StorNext Gateways deliver performance up to 50% faster than conventional NAS. StorNext Gateways come with built-in load-balancing and failover to ensure client access to critical data.

StorNext G301

StorNext G302
Connectivity1GbE Ethernet
8Gb Dual FC
10GbE Ethernet
8Gb Dual FC
800 MB/s aggregate
per Gateway
1.6 GB/s aggregate
per Gateway

We were amazed when we realized that we could take in 50 percent more data than we normally do in a day. A faster ingest data rate coupled with a robust data management system enables us to run tests more quickly and get the ships back out to sea in a timely manner.

Bryan Bennett, NSWCCD Computer Scientist

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