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Managing and sharing content can be a challenge—especially for media and entertainment industries. With the need to access video footage, audio files, high-resolution images, and other content, you require a reliable and effective data sharing and archiving solution to meet your increasingly tight deadlines.


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Q-Cloud Protect

Secure, Off-site Cloud
Storage for DR

Protect your business from the threat of localized disaster while avoiding DR facility capital costs and ongoing tape vaulting costs.

What is Q-Cloud Protect?

Q-Cloud™ Protect is a cloud service using an on-premise Quantum DXi® deduplication backup appliance that securely replicates on-site data to the cloud for off-site DR, for pennies per GB per month. This service enables organizations to avoid expensive upfront costs of building and managing off-site data or tape vaulting, taking advantage of all the benefits cloud-based services have to offer.

Reduce capital expense with simple, predictable pricing.

Predictable capacity-based licensing delivers storage needs today and scales with your business as it grows. You pay for the deduplicated capacity you use in the cloud-that’s it. No in/out charges, no additional charges to budget for.


Eliminate off-site tape vaulting and improve restore times.

Q-Cloud Protect provides you with high-performance, deduplicated, disk-based cloud storage so you can quickly recover in the event of a disaster, and eliminate costs associated with tape vaulting and management.

Get full protection with less cloud storage required.

Patented variable-length deduplication, on premise and in the cloud, reduces storage requirements and bandwidth usage by 90% or more-reducing storage and transmission costs without sacrificing protection.

Military-grade encryption without sacrificing performance.

Q-Cloud Protect provides your own dedicated backup appliance in the cloud and uses self-encrypting drives and AES 256-bit encryption of data-in-flight so data stored in the cloud and on premise is secure without sacrificing performance.