Get Real-Time Access, Instantly. StorNext data management solutions help the media and entertainment industries keep up with tight deadlines.
Managing and sharing content can be a challenge—especially for media and entertainment industries. With the need to access video footage, audio files, high-resolution images, and other content, you require a reliable and effective data sharing and archiving solution to meet your increasingly tight deadlines.


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Engineered for the future of sports entertainment.

There is little doubt that one of the most challenging digital workflows is sports production. Live events, tight schedules and multi-stream high-resolution broadcast make it a no compromise environment.

The new StorNext 5 platform was designed from the ground up for media and is the ideal foundation for a sports broadcast workflow.

Scalability, performance and robust operation

As one of the most complex workflows, sports production is also one of the most exciting. Scalability, performance and robust operation are must. In order to win here systems must be finely tuned with the flexibility to grow and contract seasonally. This is where the StorNext 5 Platform excels and why top sports broadcasters choose StorNext.

Non-stop live production and rapid access to asset libraries are musts, as is low cost and unlimited scalability. These are areas where the open system design of StorNext excels. The StorNext 5 platform is unique, offering a complete end-to-end workflow that includes full collaboration throughput ingest, edit, and delivery.

Owned content sports broadcasters can take advantage of seamless archive integration with production and the most sophisticated policy-based content movement engine available - only in StorNext.

With a complete offering of appliances StorNext 5 easily handles simultaneous multiple ingest, transcode, editing and delivery at 4K resolutions. The new StorNext 5 platform was designed from the ground up for media, and is the ideal foundation for a sports broadcast workflow.

StorNext has provided proven service at top sports broadcasters, and now with StorNext 5, users will experience speeds up to 10x faster than the previous version from ingest to delivery. Seamless integration of disk and tape archive including Quantum’s next generation Object Storage - Lattus, will protect critical content and assets for decades.

Quantum allows us to manage that quick turnaround and monetize these fights. Quantum has made this [workflow] process much more seamless and streamline. It’s like night and day.

Mike Saindon
Production Engineer, UFC