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Case Studies


Case Study – ITN Productions


Case Study - ITN Productions ITN Productions removes bottleneck of backing up rushes with Rohde & Schwarz Spycerbox With its combination of storage capacity, extreme high density and guaranteed data rates, Rohde & Schwarz Spycerbox is the enabler for highly efficient postproduction workflows in [...]


Case Study – BFI

Case Study - BFI Rohde & Schwarz CLIPSTER assists BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage project "To address the challenges presented by the UFH project and to facilitate the digital mastering of new productions, Clipster provides us with an all-embracing toolset" BFI’s Film Forever five-year plan [...]


Case Study – Final Frame

Case Study - Final Frame DRS Nova for Final Frame When leading New York-based finishing house Final Frame looked to expand its horizons, London, with its established film business and wealth of creative talent, was the obvious choice. Consequently the facility has now established [...]