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On the approach to IBC 2016

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IBC is nearly upon us, and the industry is readying itself for the annual pilgrimage to Amsterdam. Manufacturers have traditionally used the annual NAB show in Vegas to launch new products and features, and the IBC show in Amsterdam to actually ship or deliver those features and products to market when possible. There are exceptions to [...]

Fuji IS-Mini software for colour space conversion

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For patch generation and LUT testing the Fuji IS-mini is hard to beat for sub-£1k. LightSpace will drive it for profiling monitors and since it has both HD/SDi and HDMI outputs it is very useful all the way to 1080 lines at 60P. […]

Stuck pixels on LCD & OLED monitors

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Because they’re semiconductors (and pretty tiny ones at that!) the pixels on modern HD monitors can become “stuck” such that you get a dot that is either black or white (in the case of all three sub-pixels; R, G, and B being stuck on or off) OR a primary (or secondary) colour where less than three of the sub-pixels have stuck. It usually looks something like this; […]

The damage 100m of good-quality coax does to a 1080i signal.

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I've posted measurements of the degradation that cables does to video signals before; see here, but I was grabbing a couple of screen caps for an industry colleague and here they are.    

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EVENT – How Colour Science in Mastering Impacts Distribution

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Thursday 21st July, 11:00-13:00 Dolby, Soho Square Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience real world workflows demonstrated on the new R&S CLIPSTER Gen6, attached to Dolby's HDR Eclipse projector (the only one in Europe) - especially if you are involved in mastering HDR or content for Netflix, Amazon or other streaming services. Stephen Birdsong, [...]

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Now Available: MediaCentral – Adobe Premiere Pro Connector

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Through the Avid MediaCentral Platform, Avid is enabling Adobe Premiere Pro to connect into Avid’s production environment. By using Premiere Pro’s Extension Panel in conjunction with Avid MediaCentral  | UX , Adobe Premiere Pro users can now collaborate with Avid users on an unprecedented level. Customers can mix and match tools to fit their workflow [...]

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Platform 1 – Scotland 2016: Seminar Recordings

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root6 SI - Phil Crawley root6's Head of Systems Integration explores 4K, UHD, HDR and colourimetry ROOT6 Technology - Bill Baker Bill Baker demonstrates ContenAgent's automated ingest tools and workflows Avid Technology - John-Philippe Aguer A look at the announcements made by Avid at NAB 2016 Emotion Systems - Raphael Samad An overview of Emotion [...]

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LTO7 arrives with the SXL

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Data tape backup used to be the preserve of IT and database admins, seeking to manage a so called ‘tier3’ backup and offsite repository for their material. In those days data tape systems were expensive, complicated, and generally uncommon outside of large corporates and government organisations. Fast forward to the modern world of file based [...]

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Tech Breakfast – “Video Over IP”

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Wednesday 29th June, 8:30 for 9am Soho Screening Rooms, Berwick St Oliver Gappa,R&S, explores the evolution of Video-Over-IP, examines the options available now and highlights some of the pitfalls. Streaming video using Internet Protocols has been around years, it’s only been in the past decade that relevant technology advances have made it feasible to use [...]

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root6 to be world’s first Avid Learning Partner to offer NEXIS courses

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We're delighted to announce that we will soon be the world's first Avid Learning Partner to provide Avid certified training for NEXIS. Personnel who will be responsible for planning, installing, supporting and administrating Avid’s new NEXIS shared storage system will be able to obtain industry recognition of their skills by taking Avid Certified training from [...]

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Avid Offers

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Avid have successfully launched their next generation storage, NEXIS, which has been very well received.  However, for customers who are interested in adding to an existing ISIS storage estate and who don't want to go to NEXIS just yet there are some very good special offers, available while ISIS stocks last. Have a look at [...]

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An excellent little monitor

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It seems to be a thing for small on-set/camera monitors that they should have a hi-bright mode when being used in non-edit environments. The Boland BVB7a is an excellent little monitor and can be powered from the camera's 12v battery feed as well as coming with a DC PSU. It can take SDi (single or [...]

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Phil Crawley to speak at 2016 HPA Tech Retreat

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root6's Chief Engineer Phil Crawley has been invited to speak at the Hollywood Professional Association's (HPA) 2016 Tech Retreat to be held at Oxfordshire's Heythrop Park Resort in July. The HPA Tech Retreat, sponsored by SMPTE, is an informal gathering for those engaged in the many disciplines supporting the creation, management and dissemination of content [...]

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NEXIS the next gen storage from Avid

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At NAB this year Avid announced a new software defined virtual storage product family, Avid NEXIS. Although billed as new, Avid invented storage virtualisation back in 1999 with their Avid Unity storage product.  Unity became a name synonymous with shared workflows and realtime collaboration. With NEXIS Avid extend this functionality and capability in a more [...]

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BM UHD/4k converters – some gotchas

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https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/miniconverters/techspecs/W-CONM-17 I've used a few of these guys recently - Blackmagic's quad HD/SDi input to HDMI 2.0 output for taking the UHD / 4k (either tile or 2SI standard) and making something that will display on a 4k domestic TV. They seem to work quite well, but here are a few things that I had [...]

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Platform1 Scotland 2016

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Glasgow – 25th May 2016 – Blythswood Square Hotel, Monte Carlo Suite, Blythswood Street Doors open 12.30pm. Presentations start at 1pm. Please join us for Platform1, our popular annual one-day event addressing topical industry issues, and how some of the hottest new technologies from NAB can help save time and money. As well as informative [...]

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Avid KB article published regarding QuickTime on Windows

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If you have been wondering what to do about the recent security concerns surrounding Windows for QuickTime then wonder no more; Avid have published a KB article with current workarounds and future plans to address this issue. Avid's Windows for QT KB article  

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Soliton sign root6 as first UK reseller

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Soliton Systems has appointed root6 as a reseller for its smart-telecaster Zao, a mobile HEVC transmitter for streaming live broadcasts direct from cameras over multiple traditional mobile 3G or 4G networks. Ideal for news and sports environments, Zao was the first global mobile H.265 hardware-based transmitter that can be mounted on the camera, or reside [...]

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So what should you do about Quicktime on windows?

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Earlier this week a story broke from Trend Micro  (echoed by America’s department of homeland security) about a current security risk in Quicktime,  advising that due to compromises, users uninstall the product from their machines as soon as possible. A lot of doubt and uncertainty has been sown around this announcement, lets take a look [...]

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Imagen version 4 sets a new standard for video management platforms

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The Imagen team have been busy as normal and are happy to announce Imagen 4, the latest version of its Enterprise Video Platform. We've been working with them on a few projects and seen the developments branch out of customers challenges which is always great to see. A company in-touch with its users rather then [...]

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NLTek’s Nearchive is well on the Avid Platform now

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NL Technology's Nearline/Archive Solution has just recently been Avid Certified along with adding some powerful new features which include total MediaCentral | UX integration, support for iNews workflows, and local database enhancement for easy search and restore of assets and media. Simple right-click within MediaCentral | UX allows archives & restores. Nearchive for Interplay Cost Effective and [...]

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ObjectMatrix adds a view into your MatrixStore with Vision

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ObjectMatrix has officially released Vision; a browser-based tool enabling you to search and share content stored within the MatrixStore. Vision is a cross platform tool which now allows you to easily and quickly search, view and share your media assets along with additional asset management functionality such as upload or download of assets. Tightly integrated with MatrixStore which allows [...]

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Avid Announce ContentAgent as a certified Alliance Connectivity Partner product

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ROOT6 Technology are proud to announce that Avid have certified ContentAgent as part of its Alliance Partnership program. Being a certified product gives customers the reassurance that Avid and ROOT6 Technology have tested interoperability between ContentAgent and the Avid Media Central platform. ContentAgent v3.5 provides the automated ingest of camera cards and file based media [...]

  • Premiere on MediaCentral

A Premiere addition to the Avid MediaCentral Platform

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From independent productions to Hollywood headliners, Adobe's Premiere has been making its mark within the post production community. I'm told 51 films debuting at the recent 2016 Sundance Film Festival used Adobe Premiere Pro CC as its primary editing software. Adobe revamped Premiere Pro CC from the ground up and since then it's been developing at [...]

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On the eve of NAB 2016

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Despite the fact that our industry trade shows are big business brands in their own right, they are also annual technological milestones that herald shifts in trends and approaches in our industry. These gatherings are good indicators of technology trends that are potentially in decline (tape decks anyone?) and equally are stages where the excitement [...]

  • Gamma curves or HDR

Ultra High Definition with High Dynamic Range (UHD + HDR)

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Ultra high definition (UHD) is poised to be the next big industry change as we move away from our existing high definition (HD) broadcast chain. From the outset it was easy to see UHD has more longevity than stereoscopic (3D) ever did. That said, it's going to take sometime and is more complex than any of the past picture [...]

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root6 at NAB

By |April 13th, 2016|Categories: Events, NAB, News|

With NAB 2016 only days away, many of you are probably packing your suitcases and digging out your comfiest shoes in preparation for the annual trek through the labyrinth of booths and stands. Rupert, Petra, Dil and David will all be there to help you find the "must-see" technology, meet up for a chat and [...]

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Soliton – Zao provides instant H265 live streaming service over the mobile phone network

By |April 7th, 2016|Categories: BVE, Press Release, Products|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Live streaming direct from a camera on location is nothing new. From sports to news and elections, viewers enjoy seeing live action as it unfolds. However, the way HD high quality content is delivered from the camera is coming of age. The Zao product is two things. With an HDMI or SDi input direct from [...]

A review of Colour Reproduction in Electronic Imaging Systems: Photography, Television, Cinematography by Michael S. Tooms

By |April 5th, 2016|Categories: Broadcast Engineering, tips, Training|Tags: |

All of my colourimetry comes from doing it; my theoretical knowledge isn't that great as I didn't study it at university and the colour training at the Beeb, although entirely appropriate to what a TV engineer needs was just that; TV-centric. Over the last ten years I would credit the following industry colleagues for widening [...]

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Tech Breakfast – “Encryption” Seminar Recording

By |March 24th, 2016|Categories: Broadcast Engineering, Podcasts, Training|Tags: , |

Starting with the fundamentals of cryptography (difference between symmetric & public-key etc), Phil goes over the encryption techniques used in the Enigma machine (with a genuine, working example) through to HDCP and the other forms of content protection used in our industry: Symmetric vs Public-key crypto Examples – DES, AES/Rijndael etc HDCP, Blueray and the [...]

HP Announces Thunderbolt™ Support on Windows 10

By |March 14th, 2016|Categories: News, tips|

HP has confirmed that they now support Thunderbolt™ connections and products on their workstations running Windows 10. […]

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Tech Breakfast – “Encryption”

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23rd March, 8:30 for 9am, Soho Screening rooms, London Starting with the fundamentals of cryptography (difference between symmetric & public-key etc), resident SI "Guru", Phil Crawley will guide us from the encryption techniques used in the Enigma machine (with a genuine, working example) through to HDCP and the other forms of content protection used in our [...]

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Rohde & Schwarz at BVE

By |February 15th, 2016|Categories: BVE, Events, News|Tags: , , |

Rohde & Schwarz will be next to root6 at BVE, on stand J16.  Drop by to view their end to end 4K Broadcast solutions and see a preview of the Venice 4K, which is the future of Broadcast ingest and playout, along with the Clipster, which offers mastering excellence and is the cornerstone of the DI workflow globally. [...]

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Shooting and editing HDR via Avid using CLog gamma

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We've got BVE2016 coming up and one of the things root6 will be showing is an HDR workflow via Media Composer using Canon monitors. HDR is still a bit of a crap-shoot as far as standardisation is concerned with the BBC/NHK system, Dolby Vision, Sony's SLog3 and Canon's camera-native CLog. The principle of using an [...]

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Audio over cat6a cable?

By |February 8th, 2016|Categories: Broadcast Engineering, tips|Tags: |

My podcast-partner in crime, the mighty Hugh Waters asked me how often I run audio signals over twisted-pair data cable in media facility builds. Has has a customer who is eager to do it this way. I’ve done it a few times and it’s fine with a few considerations. Earthing is still important and since [...]

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Barnfind integration with third party control panels

By |February 8th, 2016|Categories: Broadcast Engineering, Products, Support|Tags: , , |

Barnfind are one of the products I'm responsible for at Root6 and I love them for their forward looking attitude and the fact they embrace open standards; if you see an SFP hole or a BNC connector you know that it will work with any other manufacturers (unlike Evertz who re-define the standard and put [...]

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Meet us at BVE: Stand J15

By |January 20th, 2016|Categories: BVE, Events, News|Tags: , |

23rd-25th February 2016 There’s something for engineers and creatives alike on the stand, where we’ll be presenting a range of technologies addressing evolving industry trends that will become mainstream issues in the year ahead. High Dynamic Range, driven by the formidable weight of Netflix, Amazon and YouTube will be featured in an Avid HDR workflow [...]

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Media Composer 8.4.5 and DNxIO 10.5.4 are available

By |January 14th, 2016|Categories: News|Tags: |

  Avid have announced the release of Media Composer v8.4.5. This release has important bug fixes and, together with the updated Desktop Video Software (10.5.4), includes feature enhancements  for the Avid Artist | DNxIO. This release is made available via the Avid Download Center (login and password required) and via Master Avid Accounts this week, [...]

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Gotchas with updating firmware over RS232

By |January 11th, 2016|Categories: Broadcast Engineering, Podcasts, tips|Tags: , , |

I've recently been upgrading Boland BVB25 OLED monitors over their RS232 serial ports; aside from needing a USB/serial adaptor (I use the Keyspan which mimics an old PC serial UART) you also need a null-modem cable (i.e. where Tx and Rx are swapped over). You can tell if a null-modem cable is required by the [...]

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Colour of the wall and lights in grading rooms

By |January 11th, 2016|Categories: Broadcast Engineering|Tags: , |

In the last year or so a lot of my time seems to have been taken up with getting monitors and other display devices to show the correct colours for film and TV. However, as with all other areas, context is everything and the colour of the wall behind the monitor (and the colour of the light illuminating the wall) are as important as the calibration of the monitor. […]