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Shooting and editing HDR via Avid using CLog gamma

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We've got BVE2016 coming up and one of the things root6 will be showing is an HDR workflow via Media Composer using Canon monitors. HDR is still a bit of a crap-shoot as far as standardisation is concerned with the BBC/NHK system, Dolby Vision, Sony's SLog3 and Canon's camera-native CLog. The principle of using an [...]

  • cat6

Audio over cat6a cable?

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My podcast-partner in crime, the mighty Hugh Waters asked me how often I run audio signals over twisted-pair data cable in media facility builds. Has has a customer who is eager to do it this way. I’ve done it a few times and it’s fine with a few considerations. Earthing is still important and since [...]

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Barnfind integration with third party control panels

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Barnfind are one of the products I'm responsible for at Root6 and I love them for their forward looking attitude and the fact they embrace open standards; if you see an SFP hole or a BNC connector you know that it will work with any other manufacturers (unlike Evertz who re-define the standard and put [...]

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Meet us at BVE: Stand J15

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23rd-25th February 2016 There’s something for engineers and creatives alike on the stand, where we’ll be presenting a range of technologies addressing evolving industry trends that will become mainstream issues in the year ahead. High Dynamic Range, driven by the formidable weight of Netflix, Amazon and YouTube will be featured in an Avid HDR workflow [...]

  • MC

Media Composer 8.4.5 and DNxIO 10.5.4 are available

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  Avid have announced the release of Media Composer v8.4.5. This release has important bug fixes and, together with the updated Desktop Video Software (10.5.4), includes feature enhancements  for the Avid Artist | DNxIO. This release is made available via the Avid Download Center (login and password required) and via Master Avid Accounts this week, [...]

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Gotchas with updating firmware over RS232

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I've recently been upgrading Boland BVB25 OLED monitors over their RS232 serial ports; aside from needing a USB/serial adaptor (I use the Keyspan which mimics an old PC serial UART) you also need a null-modem cable (i.e. where Tx and Rx are swapped over). You can tell if a null-modem cable is required by the [...]

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Colour of the wall and lights in grading rooms

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In the last year or so a lot of my time seems to have been taken up with getting monitors and other display devices to show the correct colours for film and TV. However, as with all other areas, context is everything and the colour of the wall behind the monitor (and the colour of the light illuminating the wall) are as important as the calibration of the monitor. […]

4k and UHD cabling and signal standards

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I’ve had to dig into signal transport for 4k/UHD over the last week or so. Essentially I have a test-signal generator (SRI Visualizer TG100) running at a maximum raster of 4096×2160 at a maximum of 25 progressive frames/sec (and only 4:2:2 colour sampling; Y, Cr, Cb) with a 6G single-link output (so really 4 x 1.5G links) and HDMI 1.4 (so the same raster as the SDi). The monitors are the 24″ and 30″ Canon IPS 4k native monitors. […]

  • mxf_final

MXF for Engineers – A Tech Breakfast Round-Up

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This morning I had the pleasure of speaking to a collection of engineers from some of the leading facilities in London on the topic of MXF and some of the technical concepts behind the file format. We billed the event as being “focussed for solutions architects and engineers” and we aimed to demystify some of [...]

  • DSCF0689

Canon’s 4k Native IPS television monitors

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I had an excellent half day with Canon’s UK imaging display guys to look at their DP-V series 4k native displays. To my shame I had assumed that they would be like the HP Dreamcolor or Eizo ColorEdge series monitors which are advertised as being suitable for film and TV work but as I’ve often said; “..an SDi BNC and a preset called Rec.709 does not a broadcast monitor make”! […]

  • MC

Avid Support Offer

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From the 25th November for one month, you can reinstate Avid Standard Media Composer support through root6 for the reduced price of £320 ex vat. Stay current with the latest software and gain access to Avid support experts. Customers whose Media Composer Software license is not covered by an active Avid Support plan can upgrade [...]

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Automate-IT saves time and effort on trailer and promo versioning

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We’ve recently come across an interesting piece of software for automating overlaid graphics on video.  Automate-IT enables the creation of graphics templates using After Effects then allows the templates to be populated with different text and images. Essentially this keeps the look and feel in the hands of the creatives but enables others to populate the [...]

  • Tec-Breakfast

Tech Breakfast: “MXF for Engineers”

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Wed 9th December, 8:30 for 9am, Soho Screening Rooms With the MXF standard now 11 years old, this complex and hugely powerful file format still continues to confuse and cause problems for even the most competent of engineers. However, MXF has a lot to offer, and if leveraged in the right way can become a [...]

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Understanding & Implementing IMF

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Are you ready for IMF? The Interoperable Master Format, is an emerging SMPTE specification governing file formats and metadata for digital media archiving and B2B exchange. Initially pioneered jointly by studios and streaming retailers, IMF is designed to simplify the creation of downstream distribution packages by the standard interchange of interoperable master files and [...]

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Fibre infrastructure and CWDM developments

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The most interesting things I saw at IBC last week were not software updates or new 4k workflow tools (save us from "workflow tools"!) but some developments from our good friends at Barnfind. Their current CWDM products top-out at 18-wavelengths on a single fibre, and if you need to pack more signals (synchronous broadcast; HD/SDi, [...]

  • VoiceQ

root6 launches innovative post-production software in UK

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We're excited to announce that root6 has been appointed appointed by New Zealand based Kiwa Digital to launch its recently released VoiceQ 2.0 voice synchronization software in the UK and Ireland. VoiceQ 2.0 is a streamlined postproduction cueing application designed to save time and improve accuracy with synchronized dialogue in films, television programs and games. Through [...]

  • ISIS1000

Avid ISIS 1000 is GO !

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There is much eager anticipation here at root6 Towers; tomorrow is when our first shipment of Avid ISIS 1000 arrives. Such was our conviction that this was a winner for Avid customers, who wanted ISIS but did not have the budget for ISIS 5500 or 7500, that we placed our first order instantly while listening [...]

  • colourimetry

Typical edit suite monitor calibration; some traps for young players

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I spent the morning in a very typical Soho edit room with a JVC DT-V24-series LED-backlit LCD as the "front of house" monitor and an LG LED-backlit LCD as the client display. It's quite easy to get the JVC looking right - BBC style 6504k for Rec.709; I've waffled on about this a lot in [...]

  • ISIS1000

AVID ISIS|1000 – First impressions

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At root6 we were recently privileged to be the first UK reseller to get our hands on the much heralded ISIS|1000 and held a couple of open days in London and Glasgow in July to introduce the technology to potential customers. Presenting the substantial workflow improvements that shared storage delivers, ISIS|1000 has a lot to [...]

  • BV25OLED

Colourimetry and Boland broadcast monitors

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This morning I did a presentation for the root6 Tech Breakfast series entitled “Colourimetry, Calibration and Monitoring” - You can grab my notes here This is all to promote the new US manufacturer we've taken on; for my money their BVB25-OL ED monitor is the best TV display for under £10k.

  • MC

Media Composer 8.4, Interplay, custom rasters and a lot more

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Over the last 12 months or so a number of Avid houses and smaller boutiques have moved their workflows onto the Avid Interplay environment. Although there are additional setup stages and more time involved in the client installation, this initial effort is more than rewarded by the subsequent benefits that working within the Interplay environment [...]

  • ISIS1000

First public UK demos for Avid ISIS|1000

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Please join us for the first UK demonstrations in London and Glasgow of the new Avid ISIS|1000 entry-level shared storage system designed for use with Media Composer and Pro Tools, Adobe Premier and FCP X. Extremely cost effective, ISIS|1000 is designed to introduce the productivity benefits of shared storage to production companies, post facilities and [...]

  • Forensic Watermarking

Clipster adds Civolution Forensic Watermarking

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The latest Clipster version (5.10) features integration with Civolution's NexGuard forensic watermarking within the Clipster finalising tool. A forensic watermark is an image filter embedded into a video content. It provides a unique, imperceptible and non-removable identifier to help copyright holders detect illegal use and identify piracy sources.     Civolution's NexGuard provides forensic protection [...]

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Platform1 2015 Seminar Recordings

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Thanks to everyone who attended Platform1 this year! It was a great turn out and the Seminars were really well received. Introduction & "Efficient File-Based Delivery" From the AS-11 UK DPP standard with file-based QC, through DCP creation and the new IMF, we examine the most efficient way to create file-based deliverables. "Working Remotely, for [...]

  • Avid Learning Partner Professional

ISIS & Interplay training courses in central London

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We are delighted to announce that root6 has been awarded Avid Learning Partner (ALP) status and will soon start running training courses for ISIS and Interplay in a new facility at our Berwick Street offices. The ALP Professional level status will enable root6 to run courses varying in length from 1-3 days for editors, engineers, [...]

  • Tec-Breakfast

Tech Breakfast: “Colourimetry, Calibration & Monitoring”

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Wed 15th July, 8:30 for 9am, Soho Screening Rooms This month, our Broadcast Engineering guru, Phil Crawley, shares some of the knowledge he’s gained from calibrating monitors over the last 25 years, explores some of the latest tools and demonstrates Boland’s OLED grading monitor. As always the breakfast is free to attend but spaces are limited, [...]

Concerns Facing Post

By |June 12th, 2015|Categories: Opinion|Tags: , |

Graham, Rupert and David share their thoughts on some of the challenges facing the industry. Graham: "It’s not an easy business and some struggle to remain profitable. Major challenges are the constantly changing formats, together with the adoption of file-based working and automation. Many companies see throwing people at the problem as the only viable [...]

  • Venice


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In 2013, the premier motor racing brand with a global TV audience of more than 400 million viewers looked to introduce file-based efficiencies into its workflow, eliminating some of the manual procedures to streamline its output. Importantly, they were seeking a solution that would fit in with the existing SDI infrastructure. During the 2013 season [...]

  • BV25OLED

root6 appointed UK reseller for Boland Communications

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Leading LCD and OLED monitor manufacturer Boland Communications based in California has appointed London, Soho-based root6 as its UK reseller. “Soho represents the centre of post production excellence in Europe,” maintains Boland Communication’s international sales manager Gary Litwin. “So when we were approached by root6 at NAB we listened. They have considerable experience in colourimetry [...]

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PixStor installed at BBC S&PP

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Pixit Media solution from root6 meets storage and network challenges for BBC Studios and Post Production Scale-out storage architecture specialists Pixit Media announced that BBC Studios and Post Production (BBC S&PP) has installed PixStor as part of a storage upgrade for its Digital Media Services division. The new PixStor offers BBC S&PP Digital Media Services [...]

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Avid ISIS I 1000: 9 Good Reasons to Invest Now

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Linear from 20 TB to 80 TB HD, UHD, 2K, 4K Up to 24 Users 10 to 24 Network Ports Avid Support Optional ISIS = 10 Years Experience Starting at £13,000 Flexible Administration with FlexDrive™. Intelligent Load Balancing.

Upgrading Linux SOC firmware on Amulet DXip rack cards

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I've banged on about Amulet a lot in the past - it really is the best KVM-over-IP implementation of Teradici there is. One of the reasons for this is their external DXiP cards and rack system that allows you all the benefits of Teradici without having to stick in a PCI-e card (either for reasons [...]

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Platform1 2015 – Wed 10th June

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Platform1 2015 – Wednesday June 10th  The White Space, Great Newport St (near Leicester Square), WC2H 7HY 09.30 – 15.45 Once again we’re reprising Platform1, our popular annual one-day event addressing topical industry issues and how some of the hottest new technologies from NAB can help save time and money. They’ll be plenty [...]

  • x2500

XenData X2500-USB LTO Impresses at NAB

By |April 29th, 2015|Categories: Products|Tags: , |

Impressing at NAB was the X2500-USB archiving system from XenData which looks great for media professionals in need of a reliable and easy-to-use archive system for data wrangling applications or to create a managed offline LTO archive. Connecting to notebooks and workstations via USB 3.0, it’s an LTO-6 archive system that includes an external LTO-6 [...]

  • IMG_1508.JPG

Introducing Media Composer | First

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Start off right using many of the same tools used by top filmmakers, directors, and editor absolutely free with Media Composer | First.  Get everything you need to create your best stories, from first frame to final delivery. Cut together clips with speed and ease. Add impact with stunning visual effects, transitions, and graphics. And [...]

Ever wondered which version of MC has which feature ?

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If you need to know,or are just curious about such things, here is a matrix of recent Avid Media Composer realeases and the features that they do or don’t contain

Avid embrace VMs for Interplay

By |April 12th, 2015|Categories: Opinion|

Without making a big song and dance of it, Avid immeasurably improved our lives yesterday. It may even mean that some of our engineers get to go home earlier and see their families more often.  […]

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Avid introduces ISIS | 1000  

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Avid® today introduced the Avid ISIS® | 1000  shared storage system, providing independent video and audio professionals and facilities the same level of real-time collaboration proven for over a decade on the most demanding productions in the industry. Powered by the Avid MediaCentral™ Platform, ISIS | 1000 integrates seamlessly with Avid Media Composer®, Pro Tools®, and third-party tools including Adobe® [...]

Avid Announce new IO for MediaComposer, Adobe and FCP

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NAB (Booth #SU902), LAS VEGAS, NV, 2015-04-11 The new Avid Artist | DNxIO, in combination with Media Composer software, gives video professionals a powerful, integrated solution for creating greater-than-HD content Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) today introduced the Avid Artist | DNxIO, a hardware interface designed to accelerate high-resolution video production. When combined with the industry’s preeminent [...]

  • NABShow

New Tools for ContentAgent Unveiled at NAB

By |March 27th, 2015|Categories: Events, News, Products|Tags: , , |

ContentAgent, the file-based workflow management and automation platform from ROOT6 Technology, will be demonstrated at NAB with its latest software, providing valuable new tools to further streamline file-based operations. New and enhanced features seen for the first time will include support for a wide range of new formats, including 4K XAVC, JPEG2000, AS-02 and more, [...]