Is now the time to move your machine room out of your facility?

While the New Year ushers in an era of largely unforeseen political uncertainty, in our industry, change is, as always, inevitable. The consumption of legacy linear broadcast TV is a habit now enjoyed only by the minority as OTT TV reigns supreme.

As an industry we are used to change. We have to accommodate higher quality images and sound and seek to produce these as cost effectively as possible – and not at the expense of good storytelling. One aspect of this, and one we’re increasingly asked about, is the high cost of maintaining machine rooms in expensive locations. Is 2017 the year to finally move all your large, hot and costly kit out of your small, hopefully cool, space-consuming machine room?

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Heading to here?

We've done it.  Let root6 help you to remote your machine room

Addressing current industry concerns and to establish proof of concept, Soho-based reseller and integrator root6 has moved its machine room out of the company’s Wardour Mews HQ and relocated it in Volta’s Datacentre in Clerkenwell.

“An increasing number of our customers are contemplating such a hybrid approach,” said root6 Pre-sales Engineer David Skeggs. “Factors ranging from the frequency of power outages and data security to the increasing cost of floor space are behind these considerations. We needed to assess the viability of such a move and evaluate the technologies involved as it’s considerably more complicated than simply uprooting your racks and moving them to another location.”

Dark fibre connects root6 to the datacentre where the media processing kit now resides. 

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Join us at BVE

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28 Feb - 2 March

The root6 team will be on hand at BVE to discuss remote machine rooms, workflows and training, amongst other industry hot topics. Please do drop by for a chat or, to book a meeting or request further information, please contact